Forum .LRN Q&A: Problem with spam page: message_type argument missing in bulk_mail::new

I found a mysterious -message_type switch in dotlrn/www/spam.tcl that gets passesed to bulk_mail::new. Seems Jeff introduced the switch on the 1-0 branch and I merged it onto the trunk. The weird thing is that I can't find that this switch has ever been in the bulk_mail::new proc. The message_type parameter can be HTML or plain text. The bulk_mail::new proc has an extra_headers argument that could potentially be used:

  @param extra_headers a list of key, value pairs of extra headers to
                            stick in the email, such as 'X-Mailer' or

Any clues what to do here?

Sloan has html mail support in spam but it is not in bulk-mail on 4.6. You should remove the -message_type flag from spam.tcl for the time being.

For reference, here is the comment in the code from sloan in bulk-mail about message_type:

#mohan's hack to fix the passing of message type for the mail.
+                   #Comment: I have to ask Caroline or Andrew if itis ok to change
+                   #bulk-mail datamodel to accomodate message_type.
+                   set extra_headers [util_list_to_ns_set [ns_set get $bulk_mail extra_headers]]
+                   set message_type  [ns_set get $extra_headers bulk-mail-type]
That, and the relatively limited support for html mail in general meant that the intent was to postpone html email to post 1.0.
Thanks Jeff!
I went ahead and removed HTML support for spam in dotLRN 1-0.