Forum OpenACS Q&A: Openacs 4.6 Strategy

Posted by Gilbert Price on
I've got a lightly modified 4.6-beta install working to my satisfaction, well almost, OpenFTS and ETP return these awfull URL's because of the CR stuff, but that's for another day...

I'm going to be doing a full install of the 4.6 release version tomorrow and realizing these is so much interdependence with different packages, is it better to install everything through APM and then just mount/new application the modules I will be using in site-map or should I stick to only installing the packages I will actually be using?

Currently, I've only installed the minimum packages I'm using via APM, I'm locked out of the "Press Package" and "Static Pages" is barfing on me with same error as in this post .

Also, if I wanted to work with the current OpenACS files in CVS head would I install everything the same as I would for the current 4.6 release files or is Postgresql 7.3 required?

Thanks for helping,