Forum OpenACS Q&A: Dutch Tcl Users Group

Posted by Pascal Scheffers on
Hello everyone,

Arjen Markus and I have decided to organise a Dutch Tcl Users Group, open to anyone interested in Tcl.

Like all such meeting groups, the purpose of the TUG is both social and educational. We do not have a specific focus for the meeting(s), just that it has to be fun and interesting. We can swing from showing intriguing Tcl tricks via neat little utilities to enterprise sized applications and everything in between. As long as it is vaguely related to Tcl, it's okay ;-)

We intend to have a first meeting early februari, possibly monday the 10th or tuesday the 11th either in Rotterdam or Delft (we're open for suggestions, of course!).

For more information and registration please go to the Dutch Tcl Users Group page on the Tcl'ers Wiki. I'd love to see some OpenACS'ers drop in too!

- Pascal.