Forum OpenACS Development: ACS API Browser doesn't show tcl and adp file source

One of the great documenting features of the OpenACS platform is the ability to browse the API. Part of that API is pageflows and the actual contents of the UI pages. However the API Browser only shows a few details, like the author, etc. from these pages.

I'm wondering if this would be a nice place to put a [Show Source] link? Another feature that might be a bit more difficult would be to try to determine the possible branch points in the code that would tell things like: the templates sourced, redirect targets, form targets ... what else?

Do .xql files need to be included? Each link path might be a separately compiled option, so only what you are looking for would be browsable.

Posted by Mark Aufflick on
Not seeing xql sources has bugged me for a long time. As I just posted in a bug/suggestion:

"In situations where there is old (often very old) sql source in the tcl itself, life can ve VERY confusing!

The api-browser should show the xql source, and preferably parse the xml for nice output."

I just hacked a bodgy quick fix others which I have uploaded as patches to teo files in acs-api-browser.

I added an -xql switch to api_proc_documentation which just outputs the relevant xql files. Note that it doesn't do anything smart with the xml (if this were a textbook, I would say "that is an exercise left up to the reader" ;)

I then added the -xql switch to the call to api_proc_documentation in proc_view. It should _probably_ be dealt with seperately (ie. | show sql | etc.)

The relevant links are: