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Posted by Matthew Burke on
It's late (ok, only if you have a sick 1-year-old and have caught his cooties) so maybe I'm overlooking the obvious....

What's the current best practice if you want a site with portals.  I've got 4.6 installed because I was having huge problems getting HEAD to install.  Should I retackle the HEAD release---I thought I read somewhere that the dotLRN portal stuff get mixed into OpenACS but I cannot refind that post.

The other question with obvious answer I am overlooking is: how is the main page on done---that's basically the look I'm looking for.

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Posted by Roberto Mello on
I'll let someone else fill in the details of portals. AFAIK, dotLRN 1.0 should be installed on 4.6, not on HEAD. dotLRN 1.1 will use 4.7 (when it's released) with all the i18n code.

new-portal is on HEAD, but the information I have is that OpenForce is not done with the refactoring it's doing on the package (so it's new-new-portal).

The main page on is done with ETP (Edit This Page) for the middle content. The other boxes around it are done with <include> templates.

You can checkout the source code for from CVS, the module is called Look under the www/templates/ directory.


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Posted by Vadim Makarov on
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Posted by Matthew Burke on
I knew there was an easy answer.  I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me to search on "homepage".  The thread must be there somewhere in my search on "portal" but I never got that far...

Roberto, Vadim---thanks for the help.