Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Best way to do HTTP 3xx Redirections?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Joel, what makes you think that the Static Pages package used to have old to new redirect capabilities? I've never seen anything like that, not in OpenACS 4.x or ACS 4.2 anyway. I doesn't seem like it'd make a lot of sense to have that sort of functionality in Static Pages, either.

Using a registered proc is the traditional AOLserver way to do this. (Philip talked briefly about it in Chapter 10 of his book.) The way to go is probably either adding some kind of hook to the request processsor, or running something either immediately before or after the request processor. (E.g., when you would otherwise serve a 404 Not Found call your redirection stuff instead.) You might want to take a look at the old Redirecte code (it's less than 300 lines) and see about tying it into the request processor somehow.