Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Implementing SCORM 1.3 in OpenACS/dotLRN

Posted by Michael Feldstein on

Wow. A lot of good stuff here. Where to start...

First of all, Ernie, this is fantastic news. Don't believe anything you hear about SCORM not taking off; it already has taken off. SCORM is for real. It has problems, and people will continue to complain about it, but it is very, very important. The work you are doing is incredibly valuable to dotLRN.

It's also great (and critical) that the folks working on the curriculum module, SCORM 1.3, and OKI will be working together now. The standards bodies that created the SCORM 1.3, Simple Sequencing, and OKI standards have all been collaborating. These initiatives are meant to compliment each other. It's wonderful that our attempts to implement these standards will also be cooperative.

Go team!