Forum OpenACS Q&A: Yet Another Native Win32 Port of PostgreSQL

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I just saw a message by Jan Wieck, of PL/pgSQL fame, to th pgsql-patches list, where he posted patches and a readme on how to build PostgreSQL natively for Win32.

Cygwin is still needed to build it, since PG uses bison and other unix tools, but the readme says after that you have a native Win32 PG.

The japanese win32 port basically had stripped out everything that made PG worth, so it didn't go very far in adoption. I don't know if Jan's patches are based on that, or if there are any shortcomings.


Posted by Don Baccus on
Jan's work will become the official PG Native Win32 version so it's the one to watch/play with.  Note that he's not claiming it's ready for prime time, yet, just far enough along to for folks to play with it with the expectation that most stuff will work but that there are undoubtably bugs to fix.

While it requires Cygwin to build, hopefully either the PG project or other folks will make pre-built Win32 x86 builds available once it becomes a supported platform (planned, I believe, for 7.4).