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Posted by Peter Marklund on
I'm not sure what the plans for documentation for dotLRN 1.0 are. However, I do know that the plan was to move the documentation in the dotlrndoc package to live in the dotlrn package in the www/doc dir (this is the normal OpenACS documentation setup). Therefore I went ahead and added all files under dotlrndoc/www/doc to be under dotlrn/www/doc.

Shall I also remove the dotlrndoc package? I can't see anything of value in that package other than the files I've already moved.

What is the status on documentation?

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Posted by Peter Marklund on
On Carl's request I put the technical documentation from CVS online and updated the dotLRN documentation page to link to that. I noticed that we now have the dotLRN installation instructions in two places. I am assuming that we want to keep the installation instructions in cvs meaning we should update that file change the first link on the documentation page. Sounds good?
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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Like we discussed Peter, it seems logical to keep install and developer documentation for the dotLRN
packages where all the other package documentation is. That way it will show up at
// It probably needs to be cleaned up a
bit before we advertise it though (and we have to get final approval from the /doc masters: Roberto and Vinod).
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Posted by chong shi yuan on
can i know which type of operating systems you are using? Windows/linux/unix?
5: Re: dotLRN Documentation (response to 1)
Posted by Peter Marklund on
at Collaboraid we use Red Hat Linux 7.x.