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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Andrew Piskorski suggested this one-liner to me to batch convert files from Windows to Unix line endings (in a Unix env): find . -type f -print | xargs fromdos

If you are going to edit Unix files from Windows, I recommend Emacs, which gracefully handles the line ending issue.

It doesn't sound like Douillard actually wants to run dotLRN on Windows, but since Don brings it up... :-) Win32 support should be going into the AOLserver 4 branch soon, but probably after the next beta release is tagged. I've also sent the ACT information on the AD13 commands 4.0 needs to fully support OpenACS. I don't expect those in the upcoming beta either, but presumably for 4.0 final.

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Posted by Douillard David on
Small precision :
I use a red hat server not a windows server.
I have just downloaded my files with wincvs under windows at home because my server is behind a firewall at work.
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Posted by Douillard David on
Thanks a lot,

It works fine