Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Request for Comment: Implementing Profiles in .LRN

John, I think of dotLRN as a single tool (with specific functions) that should fit well in the smorgasbord of tools we find in use at large institutions.

An improved community page in dotLRN (the tool) will be one of the key parts of its primary functions (community building). On the other hand a place to store profile information in OpenACS (that can be used internally and synced externally using emerging standards) will be key in making dotLRN fit in at the greater workshops of the world.

All I was trying to say is that we need to improve the community pages and at the same time think about how institutional data will be used for this e.g. a student may use a nickname in classes that he does not want stored in the institutional systems (maybe the community page could use a separate  profile).

In summary:

1. The external authentication work is the first piece of the integration puzzle.
2. Profiles looks like it might be the next piece.
3. Both solutions need to be general enough to be part of OpenACS (these problems are not unique to dotLRN).
4. We need to start thinking about a grade book/portfolio