Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Ticket tracker and multiple workflows

Posted by Lars Pind on

Just wanted to let you know that we (Collaboraid) are in the process of developing a replacement workflow package as well as a replacement for ticket-tracker, similar to the existing bug-tracker.

We've made considerable progress, in fact, we already have bug-tracker mostly working with the new workflow package, but a final production-ready version is still probably about five weeks off (we're aiming at three weeks, so I'm saying five to be conservative here).

Just to give you an idea of how far along we are, the things that are still missing are:

- Caching in the workflow API
- Service-contract-based callbacks
- Mapping users to roles
- Task list UI
- Internationalizing
- Porting to Oracle
- Scalability
- Documentation
- Doing the ticket-tracker (mostly copy-and-paste from bug-tracker)

If we feel like we have the time, we have a couple other wish-list item we'd like to throw in there:

- Metadata for objects/forms
- List builder

Just so you (and others) know where we're at.