Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Canonical Way to Instantiate and Mount a Package

Posted by Peter Marklund on
you are probably right about the site_node_apm_integration namespace. I'll look into moving the functionality into the site_node namespace on monday.

I was actually proposing to remove all procs and the page in point 2. Or do we have a policy against removal? I don't like keeping legacy code around that is never used. Either way, I am going to check carefully first if any of this functionality is used in dotLRN.

Posted by Jeff Davis on
Well, I use site_node_mount_application and I think the ability to simply mount a package at an existing site node should be retained, but don't have an opinion on the others.

I would like to see the function names (and namespace) rationalized a little (which is I guess what yon started and which is why that proc is deprecated).