Forum OpenACS Q&A: adserver, new features badly needed

Posted by Jay Dubanik on
the old good adserver requires new features in order to be usefull in real life scenario.

I don't know exactly how new features are planed for new releases, so I'm writing my wish list here.

    My requirements:

  • Be able to set max number of impressions for each banner
  • Able to set display start/end date for a banner
  • Have a banner size-type associated with a banner, so there could be a default banner for each size.
  • Be able to handle ads which are txt file format(text links)
  • Be able to handle rich media ads
  • Have customer page with all his banners stats shown(need associate each banner with a customer)
If anybody has done any of this already, please send me some code samples, as I'm starting working on this now. Any suggestions also welcomed, cheers,
Posted by Don Baccus on
Features are generally driven bottom-up, either due to personal interest or, in our community, frequently by client needs when those needs coincide with things the community wants.

adserver hasn't got a lot of attention.  My guess is that most of us are working on sites that aren't financed through banner ads.  This puts us in the situation where the first person who has a client or is building a site with lots of banner ads will pick it up and extend it until it's useful.

Sounds like that you might be the first person needing this stuff so you're going to get stuck doing the work :)

The requirements you state all sound reasonable.

Since you're new to us, I think I'd prefer that you let us review some of your proposed datamodel changes etc before we take the big jump and give you CVS rights to modify adserver directly.

Is that OK with you?  Our threshold for allowing write access to a particualr package is quite low, so as soon as one or more of our more experienced OpenACS folks get to see your code we can talk about letting change adserver directly.

And, of course, feel free to ask questions here at any time as you start work on this.

Posted by Jay Dubanik on
One more nice to have for adserver:

Able to associate key-words to a banner and display that banner along the search results.

by the way it looks like my old postings to this forum have gone 'missing' after I have changed my email address,(thru config panel).