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Posted by Lars Pind on
I've added this code to HEAD.

There's a new datatype 'richtext', and a new widget 'richtext', which provides four formats, namely:


These are currently hard-coded in both acs-tcl/tcl/text-html-procs.tcl and acs-templates/tcl/richtext-procs.tcl. It would be relatively easy to make a service contract or some other form of API for adding new methods, but I didn't do it, because I'm more concerned about raising usability for users today than adding fancy options for admins :) Other people are more than welcome to add this, of course.

Also, I've added corresponding mime types to the content repository create scripts, so we can get packages that store data in the CR using this as well.

Available tasks for anyone who feels up to the job: Fix forums, general-comments, wimpy, faq, and whatever other applications we have to use form builder and the richtext widget/datatype.