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Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

Following is a short list of likely candidates for OpenACS 4.7 as discussed at #openacs in the weekly chat of 2003-01-23. Please feel free to add comments and/or missing items.

OpenACS 4.7 short list
  • OpenACS Core
    1. Clean multi-database support in db_* API
    2. Better support for using OpenACS Tcl code in non-OpenACS AOLserver environments.
    3. Tcl API for Service Contracts
    4. Internationalization
    5. Replace ns_xml with tDOM (Bart Teeuwisse from the Code Mill volunteered to take this on)
    6. Permissions scalability
    7. Finish the clean-up of user registrations 50% finished by aD for 4.2
    8. Really install packages via the APM at installtime (honor Tcl callbacks) rather than hack in SQL as is done now (Lars from Collaboraid is working on this)
    9. CSS support
    10. Increased security through use of signed hidden vars and audits of eval and exec issues as well as cross site request forgery (CSRF)
    11. Noquote (default HTML quoting by templatingsystem) and db API caching
  • Non Core Packages
    1. Forums - scalability
    2. File storage - I'd love to do a ton of clean-up on it and make it use the CR for everything again
    3. Notifications - "real" HTML notifications(optional ones but that send clear text as well so folks who have HTMLturned off in their mail reader aren't screwed)
    4. New workflow from Collaboraid
    5. Jon Griffin will have acs-person working as well as acs-address
    6. Various ecommerce enhancements: template all admin pages, remove the ecommerce login pipeline, prevent orders with too many items (e.g > 100).
2: Re: OpenACS 4.7 short list (response to 1)
Posted by Lars Pind on

One more Collaboraid item: External authentication -- using LDAP, Solaris/Linux PAM, RADIUS, Active Directory, or some other non-OpenACS means of authentication.


4: Re: OpenACS 4.7 short list (response to 2)
Posted by Mat Kovach on

I'm currently look into alternative authentication but I'd be willing to work with anybody else that is interested.


3: Re: OpenACS 4.7 short list (response to 1)
Posted by John Norman on
I may have missed this elsewhere, but does this mean New Portals is not in?
5: Re: OpenACS 4.7 short list (response to 1)
Posted by Talli Somekh on
I'd like to add something to the short list for 4.7 that isn't necessarily part of the code, but should definitely be accomplished prior to 4.7 release. That is to implement a download area on the site so that people can download packages.

May be weird to ask this to be accomplished rather than bug fixing or feature request, but a case can be argued that not having it is both a bug and a feature to be requested.


6: Re: OpenACS 4.7 short list (response to 1)
Posted by Lars Pind on

I assisted a friend in setting up OpenACS for his blogging site yesterday, and I'd have to agree that having the ability to download packages from a repository is really important. It's very hard to figure out what to get and how.


Posted by Dave Bauer on
This is in the works. Anyone who wants to help, contact me. Basically we will use the download package. There isn't any magic CVS integration to tar up and add a package to the database, so the first round will probably require a manual process.

The download pacakge need to be tested to see if it actually works with the APM. There is a very good chance it needs some work.