Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Anybody intrested in porting phpBB to OpenACS

Posted by Vadim Makarov on
  • Private messaging - Private message INBOX

    Why? This is what email is for. I understand that offering built-in messaging helps the site gain popularity by forcing all users check it more often, but is there any other point to it?

    To me, this feature is a drawback in the big picture. Somebody writes you using this feature, and now you have to check not only your primary email, but also all phpBB boards you frequent. Soon you get tired of it, and some private messages to you get lost or unread for a long time.

  • Better group management and administration and lot of easy admin features

    Yes it looks nice, but here is the difference. PhpBB is a community platform in itself; there is all to it, it's basically the board only. OpenACS forums is just one possible package (module) in a much bigger system that has tens of other packages, as well as allows new custom-written packages, all interoperable and based on the common core. Most functions you see in phpBB admin interface, in OpenACS belong to other packages or to the core. E.g. user management, groups, permissions, notifications and mass email will be all handled by the core or by packages used by all and any package (including the forums package) and not tied to any particular package.

    Convenience, look and feel is important, especially for adapting by a wider audience. I agree. Just give us a hint how can we improve on that, given the wider and more universal structure of OpenACS.

    Hopefully I understand the dilemma properly :)