Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: How to debug a portlet?

Posted by Peter Marklund on
At some point I would like to write a debug mode for portal pages that would display the paths to all templates used, as well as portal, page, and element id:s.

The following query can get you the portal_id:

select pretty_name, portal_id from dotlrn_communities_all;

Look at the datamodel in new-portal/sql/postgresql/portal-core-create.sql.

The following queries can get you the state (hidden, shaded, full, or pinned) of your portlet (portal element):

select page_id, pretty_name from portal_pages where portal_id = :portal_id_of_community;

select state from portal_element_map where page_id = :id_of_the_page;

Can you see your portlet on the customize layout page?