Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Groups / Permission Question (OpenACS 4.5)

Posted by Peter Marklund on
you create groups A, B, and C using the groups admin UI. Group D you don't need to create, it is already predefined in the system, you have both "the_public", and "registered_users" to choose from (retrive the group id:s with Tcl proc acs_magic_object).

Grant admin on a package by clicking on the "set permissions" link for the package in the site-map admin UI (/admin/site-map) and granting the admin privilege to the appropriate group.

You must be site-wide admin to let self-registered users into the system or create new users. One approach to the member feature is to build your own admin UI in your package. Each package needs to have a member group and you could create an admin_members privilege that you would grant to the groups that are supposed to be able to add members to a package.

Remember that you can also nest groups. For example the member group for a package could have a sub group for admins. That way if a user is in the admin group of a package he is automatically also in the member group.

Hope this helps you along.


Posted by Vincent Gulinao on
thanks man.

i'll find my way to create these groups i need as u suggested though for now the UI for adding group in my installation seems not working properly, maybe it's a known bug i haven't discover yet, or i just did something stupid again :-) ... though it's another issue i need to figure out.

what i also need is to toggle off that self-registration feature. i need my site be accessible _only_ to a set of pre-created users, i.e., users have to be added first directly by an allowed group of users before anyone can actually logon to the system, using possibly a separate UI included in one of my packages or another instance of the default registration.

once i be able to create these groups, what i really need is to define which of these groups have access privileges to certain _packages_. say group A to package p1, group b to package p2 and so on, and to find out how to add members of a group within one of my package.