Forum OpenACS Q&A: ANN: Red Hat DB (aka PostgreSQL) Administrator for Debian

I just finished creating a Debian package for Red Hat DB (aka PostgreSQL) Administrator.

It adds some things that are not currently present in the rhdb-admin RPM, namely:

- A man page
- No dependency on Python (there shouldn't be one, fixed the wrapper script to remove kludge)
- Calls wish8.3 explicitely because it crashes if wish 8.4 is installed.

The package is apt-gettable (along with my OpenACS-ready AOLserver 3.3ad13) with the following lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb ./
deb-src ./

The second one is only necessary if you want to get the source packages.

I'll be uploading this to Debian in the next couple of days. I'll also be packaging Visual Explain (another RHDB tool). Meanwhile enjoy some screenshots:


Well, looks like the Debian packages for rhdb-admin were not in such demand around as I had thought. I think it's a pretty nice tool for managing PG databases.

I made a new version of the package, which fixed some tiny issues of Debian-policy compliance (lots and lots of rules). apt-get it at the same location.

I also made the RPMs for the Red Hat Database tools available. They are downloadable at


Well I think it looks cool and useful, and it's great to have it
available as a Debian package, I just haven't had the time and motive
to try it out yet.  :)  But way to go, Roberto!
Is there a tarball for those of us who don't use Debian or RPM? (for the admin tool).
Roberto, let me add to the cheers for your creation of Debian packages! It appears that there are quite a few of us using Debian, and it's great to have stuff as .debs. Thanks!
.deb is just an ar archive

.rpm can also be extracted using cpio

just my $0.02 on this