Forum OpenACS Development: OpenACS Weekly Chat 2003-02-06

Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on
The weekly OpenACS chat is in session at irc:// See for instructions how to join.

In today's chat Jeff Davis will outline his thoughts on the the cost of ownership of OpenACS and what to do to make things better.


Posted by Peter Marklund on
Hey Bart!
Great to hear that the weekly chats are going strong! I unfortunately missed most of the meeting. Can I access a log somewhere?



Posted by Michael Bluett on
The logs are at OpenACS/irc/log [registered users only], as linked to from /irc (I found this thread by searching the site for IRC).
Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Bart, do you want to put a link to /irc/ or /irc/log/ on the /community/ page on There are links to but not directly to the logs. IMHO that would be a good addition there.