Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Anybody experiencing memory leaks?

Posted by Deds Castillo on

Will start testing on non-dotlrn sites but pg7.2 sites first so that we can isolate.  Ham is already doing that.


Thanks.  Regarding your question about reference, I'll bring that up and will post here again for their answer.


Thanks.  I would say that the future goal would really be seamless integration.  Will just keep you updated on developments into the site.  I'll try and get permission to set up a guest account so that others can also browse the dotlrn specific stuff.


I'm not exactly sure on the hardware specs.  Jun Yamog should know as he coordinated the purchase of that.  I think it's a dual proc Pentium III 500 with 1GB RAM. But since they are still on their "learning stage" and hits are only of fair amount, both AOLserver and PG are housed inside the same box.  Of course there are plans to change the structure if ever the need for it comes in the future.