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We need to install dotLRN 1.0  tool . Oracle 8.1.7 has been installed and the database server is running fine. Next we have installed the AOLserver 3.4 which is also running fine.
Next we are installing OpenACS 4.6. But we are facing some problems regarding the file. It says ' not loaded'. If anyone of you have come across this problem and could solve it do reply to this message.


Posted by Jun Yamog on
Hi Thelma, is aolserver Oracle driver.  I you may forgotten to compile it.  On the unpacked aolserver 3.3.1ad13 its included there.  Just go the directory and compile it and install it on the aolserver bin directory.

There is also an oracle driver on aolserver sourceforge page, not sure if this one is better.  Its been a while since I installed Oracle for OpenACS.

Maybe others with more recent experience with Oracle will be able to comment more.

Posted by Thelma Pinto on
Thanks Jun .
Could you please tell me where could i get the unpacked
aolserver 3.3.1ad13  . I found one and tried installing  it  but it was the beta version ie aolserver3.3ad13-oacs1-beta-src.tar.gz . It wasnt creating any files in the bin directory.

- Thelma

Posted by Dave Hwang on
Ok. Since you installed AOLserver 3.4 instead of the 3.3+ad13 tarball, you have to make sure you get the other modules, including the oracle driver. Here's what you need to do:
  1. Go to AOLserver page at Sourceforge and download the nsoracle-2.6 module.
  2. tar zxvf nsoracle-2.6.tar.gz
  3. cd nsoracle-2.6
  4. make INST=<path to your AOLserver installation> (e.g. /opt/aolserver or /usr/local/aolserver)
  5. Now you should have two modules:
  6. make install should copy these modules to your AOLserver bin directory or you can just copy them manually to $INST/bin
  7. Make sure you are starting AOLserver with a script like nsd-oracle so that it has the Oracle-related environment variables properly set.
Hope this helps.
Posted by Richard Hamilton on
Or use the beautifully prepared instructions here

I used the link to 'Mat's AOLServer distribution' which does all the leg work for you.
Posted by Thelma Pinto on
Yes i have got the and in the aolserver bin directory. i installed it from the uncompressed aolserver-3.3 ad 13 version. also im using nsd-oracle as the script.

in nsd.tcl
set serverroot  "/home/${user_account}/web/${server}"
set pageroot                ${serverroot}/www