Forum .LRN Q&A: Call for Institutional Partners - i18n

We have used up our present budget and are looking for others sources of funding for the internationalization (i18n) work of dotLRN/OpenACS. This opens possibilities for other institutional partners to contribute:

Our first attempt at working together on an institutional level for an OpenACS project is moving forward very smoothly:

The i18n project (which started long before the workflow work mentioned in the link above) might have been an even better candidate, but the multiple unknows would have made for a bumpy ride. i18n of OpenACS is now very close to being a complete solution and the remaining work has been defined and can be approached with much less risk. This would be a good place to invest in the success of dotLRN.

I am very willing to talk openly with other institutions about what we have invested up to this point and make suggestions how to proceed. Please contact me by email.