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Posted by Toha Taifor on

probably this is off-topic.. i want to fill this table with many data (>10m rows). i wonder if this would be bottleneck. i tried to insert some 500k entries but seems to take > 1 day. is it acceptable? i wonder if it is possible to drop indices and disabling triggers but column tree_sortkey worries me. is it possible to just let it null?

thanks in advance..

2: Re: Filling acs_objects (response to 1)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Is it just acs_objects or other tables as well?

You should make sure you have done a vacuum analyze on the db after inserting some records since it can make a big difference (even on inserts).

Depending on what you are doing you can probably safely leave tree_sortkey null. It might be faster if you have only a minimal install (i.e. don't install any additional packages after the bootstrap since all the fk constraints create triggers on acs_objects).

What sort of data is it?

3: Re: Filling acs_objects (response to 1)
Posted by Toha Taifor on
yes many other tables as well. and i vacuum pretty often.

anyway, im doing migration from old accounting system into ACS. it seems to take more than 45 days this way, so the shortcut is not to rely on acs_objects. i create another table for general logging, so that the entries would not touch acs_objects. i figured out it wont take more than 1 hour to fill the table with 500k entries. it is all i need for the system.

how do you people manage those messages in all forums in this one single table acs_objects? :)