Forum OpenACS Q&A: database pool error in OpenACS installation

hi all,
  when we run the aolserver 3.4.2 using

/bin/nsd-oracle -t ~/web/${server}/nsd.tcl

we get OpenACS Installation:ERROR page.
where it says that

OpenACS could not allocate a handle from database pool "pool2".

Possible causes might include:

    The database is not running.
    The database driver has not been correctly installed.
    The datasource or database user/password are incorrect.
    You didn't define any database pools.

Can anyone help?
the database is running


Posted by Don Baccus on
Did you define database pools in your nsd.tcl file?  That's the first thing to verify.

Take a look at the logfile AOLserver generates on start up and make sure that the Oracle driver's being loaded.  There will be an error message in the log if it's not.  That error message will depend on *why* it's not being loaded so I can't give you a specific message to search for.  Just look for "Error".

If the driver's loaded and you've defined database pools, make sure your Oracle user name and password are correctly defined in your nsd.tcl file.

Posted by Thelma Pinto on
hi all,
  i could not solve this problem in oracle, but now i am using postgresql 7.2 and moved ahead.

Thanx for u'r concern