Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Passing <property>s in included templates.

Posted by Benjamin Bytheway on
On the subject of <property> tags. We ran into some limitations with the implementation of the tag on a site we did last summer. The templating documentation says "The contents of the tag may be plain text, static HTML, or a dynamic template that references local data sources." This is only partially true.

It is possible to have variable replacement take place inside the property, such as:

<property name="title">@title@</property>

But it is not possible to include any other templating tags inside the property. For example:

<property name="breadcrumb">
<list name="breadcrumb">@breadcrumb:item@</list>
Would cause an error. Our need was to have a multiple tag inside the property tag, so a compiled chunk of html was passed up to the master.

In the end, we found other ways to make the design work. I did try to unravel the mystery of the templating system to fix this, but was unsuccessful. If there are other enhancements to be made to the <property> tag, then this fix would be a nice addition.