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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Randy, could you tell us something about what your goals and
motivations are for building this, how you hope to use it once it's
done, the business case driving the work, etc.?
Posted by Randy Ferrer on
Hi Andrew - The current goal is to enable OACS to host communities interested in discussing financial matters such as best trading strategies, what a price trend means to a specific financial instrument etc. Said another way, one big motivator behind such a community is to promote flow of information which will assist community members to make better informed investing decisions. In my view,  fundamental to this process is enabling OACS to serve financial data (prices, analytics)to the community along with the more typical news and other financial reports. A second goal once data is enabled is to provide applications to the community allowing them to create portfolios, perform calculations etc. on the data provided. In my experience, I find that the financial "advice" most people trust is that of other people that are investors like themselves. OACS IMHO, has no parallel anywhere in terms of providing tools to enable communities to form and thrive. All that's missing is the tools to enable gathering/dissemination of financial data for any type of financial instrument. I hope this clarifies a bit. :-)