Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Datamodel loading fails

Posted by Jarkko Laine on
Peter and Lars,

I did both set the LD_... variable for me and installed the db with correct executables. I think it's the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for nsadmin that matters, though?

Now the data model installation goes almost well. In fact the page says "Done installing the OpenACS kernel data model." , but doesn't give the button to move on.

There still seems to be some problems with caching, since the following in the error log:

[16/Feb/2003:19:59:27][5266.5126][-conn0-] Error: Error sourcing /web/pargasif/pac\
no such cache: util_memoize
    while executing
"ns_cache flush util_memoize $script"
    (procedure "util_memoize_flush" line 2)
    invoked from within
"util_memoize_flush [list apm_package_installed_p_not_cached $package_key]"
    (procedure "apm_package_install" line 8)
    invoked from within
"apm_package_install -callback apm_ns_write_callback "[file join [acs_root_dir] pa\
ckages acs-kernel]""
    invoked from within
"apm_version_enable -callback apm_ns_write_callback [apm_package_install -callback\
 apm_ns_write_callback "[file join [acs_root_dir] packages acs-kernel..."
    (file "/web/pargasif/packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/installer/install-data-m\
odel.tcl" line 63)
    invoked from within
"source $__file "

I'll go on google searching w/ the initial error, like you told me, Peter.