Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: May the Translation Work Continue

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

You have been added to the translation group. With your help we are going to have one of the most diverse E-Learning platforms around! It is wonderful to see this kind of input into dotLRN (Asturian!).

Some words of caution for new translators:

1. The internationalization (i18n) project is presently paused (there is no active development right now because of other priorities... like dotLRN 1.0). As soon as dotLRN 1.0 (the English version) is officially out in March (if testing goes smoothly) we will be looking at ways to continue and finish the i18n work for the next version of dotLRN.

2. Does this mean you should wait on translating dotLRN? Maybe (although I know the really cool translator's interface makes it HARD not to translate now ;-). There will be changes in the original English version during testing and debugging of dotLRN 1.0 over the next couple of weeks, which might make waiting a month or two on translation the better choice.

3. Right now access control is rather simple (if you are signed up as a translator on the server you can "translate" everything). What does this mean? It is very easy to overwrite the work of others. A couple of weeks ago someone "translated" parts of the US English version into another language by mistake (at first we thought it was some really weird bug) and we recently discovered a whole section of the German translation was not really German (which wasn't as funny).

The point of this long-winded post: good luck and be careful.