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Posted by Vince T on
Andrew and David,

Thanks for your responses. It helps to get feedback from the community itself. Hopefully we can get some of the other co-lo companies to share some of their experiences (in the spirit of open-source!). Maybe even someday develop a " certified provider" (or whatever) program where the community can actually define standards of service.

Right now, I am trying to avoid the shared resources model for colocation. I find that most of our customers prefer to have stand-alone server/customer owned server setups. It also greatly simplifies administration and security by sharing with the customer (who almost always wants full control) the responsibilities of admin and security.

It seems to me (from andrew's post) that the OACS community prefers this as well. So other than say, remote-hands/remote-eyes help. What other services might be of value to such communities. Off the top of my head, I think maybe remote backup, dual/redundant upstream feeds. Things of this nature.

Hope people can give some more feedback...