Forum OpenACS Q&A: OpenACS Mini-Conference and Social in Copenhagen Friday April 11

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Hi All,

We're hosting an OpenACS social in Copenhagen on Friday, April 11.

The details will be announced later, but we're planning on doing a mini-conference first, perhaps about some plans for a coherent information architecture and interface design for OpenACS, if I can get something prepared in time. Other topics are of course welcome.

The reason for this particular date is that we're so fortunate as to have Copenhagen University hosting a seminar on dotLRN the day before, on the 10th, where Al (MIT), Carl and Michael Hebgen (Heidelberg), John Norman and Ian Boston (Cambridge, UK), and representatives from Bergen University and of course Copenhagen University are all coming.

The seminar is aimed at decision makers at universities. The two goals are to educate them about dotLRN and the perspectives for them in adopting dotLRN, and to establish a network between the universities. Networking will help them get to know each other and find common ground where their interests are aligned, and they can see a benefit in doing shared development. If you want to contribute to this effect, you're of course more than welcome at the seminar as well.

We're hoping that Al, Carl, Michael, John, and others can stay for the OpenACS mini-conference and social, and we have word that Don and Talli will try and be here as well.

So mark the date in your calendar, and start making travel arrangements! We're looking forward to seeing you all :)



It sounds really interesting and I wish I could go.
Ernie and I are trying to compile some very short case studies about the institutions already using dotLRN and those with pilot programes.

We have contacted some of you separately, but I would appreciate if those who I haven't yet, send me a line or two so we can talk about their projects.

We've put up a page on the mini-conference and social here:

And the seminar is here:


Hi guys,

Looks like we'll get Jeff to talk about content repository and the automatic form generation stuff he's looking into these days; Don will talk about groups, relational segmnets, how they relate to subsites, and how they're used in dotLRN.

If we get enough people, I think we should do it as an open space arrangement, where everybody can suggest a topic, and pick a timeslot and a room, and then everybody who wants to talk about that topic simply shows up. It's a very effective way of discussing things in large groups.

Other suggestions or thoughts?


Suggestion for a discussion:

Building a new content management system... Basics it should have, client requirements, what other people have done. Anyone interested in discussing something like that? We have already sone something like this and we'd love to chat about lessons learned.


I think that's a really good idea.

We really need to get our CMS situation sorted out. There are already many initiatives in this direction, we just need to pull them together and decide on the framework that'll make it happen.


Let's move the CMS discussion to the CMS forum. I think there is enough momentum now to make it actually useful!

See this thread:

FYI, Andrew Spencer wrote a CMS package for a T-Mobile site he concocted using OpenACS. The package is called acs-publisher.


9: Talk and demo about Jabber (response to 1)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
I will talk a little bit about the Jabber IM solution, how it can be integrated into the toolkit, what it is capable of at the moment and how we could make good use of it for groupchats e.g. on