Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OpenACS 4.6 installation loading the core package data models

Are you sure you want to use AOLserver 3.4.2?  And are you using the version from SourceForge or from  I don't know if 3.4.2 is causing your problem, but even if it isn't, 3.4.2 will have other problems when used with OpenACS.  (Particularly with regards to missing internationalization functions.)

For now, I would recommend you use the OpenACS-customized version of AOLserver 3.3+AD13, available from
That's what most people here use, and what the OpenACS installation docs reference.  I hope that helps!

    Yes, the problem was because of aolserver 3.4.2.
now i have installed aolserver3.3ad13 and openacs 4.6
i'm getting stuck up during dotlrn installation.

at the step of
Next go to the "Site Map" on your system at http://yourserver/admin/site-map. Click the "new sub folder" link to the right of the "Main Site" link at the top of the table. Enter dotlrn in the textbox, and hit the button.

There will be a new entry in the URL column for "dotlrn" with "(none)" in the application column, to the right of this, click the "New Application" link. Enter dotlrn into the textbox and select "dotLRN" from the drop-down list and hit the button.

There will now be "dotlrn" in the application column to the right of the "dotlrn/" URL.

Next you must set some parameters from the Site Map page.

For the "Main site" (the first row of the table at the top of the page), set the "DefaultMaster" parameter from /www/default-master to /packages/dotlrn/www/dotlrn-master.
For the ACS Kernel (the first item in the list below the table) in the system-information section, set the CommunityMemberURL from /shared/community-member to /dotlrn/community-member
In the same system-information section, set the CommunityMemberAdminURL from /acs-admin/users/one to /dotlrn/admin/user

You must now restart your server, wait a few minutes, and reload the "Site Map" page in your browser After the server restarts, refresh the "Site Map". You will see a "(+)" to the left of the dotlrn/ URL and a new URL: "portal/" with application "new-portal".

im getting the portal/ and new-portal but no plus sign is displayed.

Has anyone come across this?