Forum OpenACS Q&A: dotlrn installation. Invalid file type "message_catalog"

hi all,

at the install packages step of dotlrn i get the following error

Invalid file type "message_catalog"

it is dotlrn 1.0 and openacs 4.6

Does anyone know the solution to this?


You may need 4.6.1, which you can get from CVS by checking out the branch tagged "oacs-4-6".  We'll have a 4.6.1 beta2 tarball available in the next few days, it's just awaiting some testing on a server at Sloan, and there's been a bit of a hassle getting data imported onto that server (typical Unix/Oracle "gotcha" stuff)
the error message you are getting is a strong indication that your code, or some of your code, is on cvs head rather than the 4.6 branch. Do you have any catalog xml files in your source tree? In that case you must be on cvs head. See my posts in this thread:

Thanx everyone,
    i could solve the problem by installing openacs 4.6 again, and when the database tables are created , executed

insert into apm_package_file_types(file_type_key, pretty_name) values(''message_catalog'', ''Message Catalog'');

This solved the problem.
Thanx a lot again.