Forum OpenACS Development: Re: 4.6.x Documentation; Documentation formatting

Posted by xx xx on

Thanks for your new mockups. However, I would rather see you lose the prompts again. Maybe write the shell prompt at the beginning of each code block or go with Andrew's proposal.
- I think, with prompts, it is less readable even if you would make code bold (example 3) and align code left in a new cell.
- Furthermore, I cannot 'cut and paste' parts of it with 'copy to clipboard'. So I end up with reduced usability.

I loved it the way it was, actually. Some remarks:
- 'if the screens for command copy-and-pasting are short and explained, then we should be ok' (roberto)
- green on black won't work for those with a color deficiency. Check:
- Otherwise, colors, buttons etcetera are ok with me. It's a personal taste. However, a better advice is probably to stay close to the design of the current website. There has been a lot of discussion about it. Probably stay with different types of blue and gray only.
- What about javascript 'tooltips' ?