Forum OpenACS Q&A: create trigger error

Posted by Thelma Pinto on
Hi all,

At the install packages step, towards the end , i get this error,

ERROR:  CreateTrigger: function acs_priv_hier_ins_del_tr() does not exist
                  psql:user-extension-create.sql:93: ERROR:  Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique index acs_sc_impl_alias_un

                      invoked from within
                  "db_source_sql_file -callback $callback $path/$file_path"

This function is being called from a create trigger statement in the security-create.sql file.

Could anyone help?

2: Re: create trigger error (response to 1)
Posted by Dan Wickstrom on
Try doing an update from CVS.  This problem should be fixed now.
3: Re: create trigger error (response to 2)
Posted by Thelma Pinto on
Thanx Dan,

Could u tell me how to go about doing an update from CVS?