Forum OpenACS Development: Shall we keep acs-bootstrap-installer/installer/auto-install.tcl?

In rolling in the new APM features to the 4.6 branch Lars reminded me that the auto-install.tcl script (that Bryan Quinn wrote back in the good old days) is now out of sync and doesn't work anymore. Getting it to work is not hard but requires breaking out logic from install-data-model.tcl and packages-install.tcl and putting it into procedures so that it can be reused in auto-install.tcl.

Now that we have the Tclwebtest way of automatic installation maybe we can do away with the auto-install.tcl script?

What do people think?

If we can make the tclwebtest way easy to use from a distribution and documentation POV then it would lower our maintenance effort as time rolls on, I suspect.

So I'd favor it ...