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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
I would like to comment on the 5th point above (about accessing everything from one place).

Having all presentations in the same place  (e.g. is how I would like to see it. One of the coolest things about WP is having diverse content listed in one place (at a university: philosophical presentations are listed with physiological and philological ones). The dotLRN portlet could just list presentations that have been linked to specific courses. In fact it might make associating single presentations with multiple groups easier.


6: Re: Wimpy Point Package! (response to 2)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Wouldn't it make sense to have a generell content aggregation service, that allows to aggregate content for a certain package from multiple instances at one point ?

So, instead of saying, I only have one instance of WimpyPoint mounted at /wp, we mount the content aggregation package for WimpyPoint and it retrieves all the content from the mounted WP packages at /subsite1/wp, /subsite2/wp aso. asf.

As a further step, if we provide good DTD's for the packages, we could even aggregate content across various OpenACS instances (e.g. could dynamically import the WPs that Lars creates over at

If there is interest I would flesh this out a little bit more, but if you say this is not worth the effort, fine as well ....