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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
There's also the cacheing of the compiled bytecode of *.tcl pages beneath the www/ pageroot using ns_cache, which Rob Mayoff implemented in aolserver/tcl/file.tcl and aolserver/tcl/tclcache.tcl in 3.3+ad13. That's not in 4.0 yet either.

However, that's a performance issue only, everything will work without it, and it would probably only be important for high volume sites. (So far, no one as really characterized the performance difference.)

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
One other thing I forgot to mention - nsopenssl doesn't work with 4.0 yet, as Scott is making some substantial changes to it.  Mark is working on a upgrade doc for module authors that is supposed to be released some time early next week.  Beta 3 of the core might come at the end of next week, and there will probably be an effort to get documentation and non-core modules updated after that.