Forum OpenACS Development: Re: 4.6.x Documentation; Documentation formatting

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
No matter how you do that shell command thing (I generally copy and paste, fyi, but not groups of commands at a time -- perhaps one command at a time -- step by step.)

Anyway, whatever happens, I would like to help write some docs on how to use this nice ACS stuff. More then installing it, the whole offer could use some user guides and admin guides and real explanations of how the installed code actually solves real problems. The learning curve to understanding all this huge.

Thanks to everyone who also publishes stuff here or on your sites. It's helped me over the years to understand. I've written some docs for 3.2.5. I want to publish some docs for using 4.6 too as I learn more -- I just installed it a few weeks ago
later to be known as:

Some simple docs could help me right now -- even if they're not finished or just screen shots. Even just short overviews or examples for each application. The 4.6 groups admin tool, for instance, could use some real examples of how to set that up to solve real life situations. The relational types, subsites, objects, components, ect -- wow -- that could overwhelm someone ...

Is there a glossery for those terms? Some definitions? Some examples?