Forum OpenACS Development: Re: 4.6.x Documentation; Documentation formatting

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Have you looked at the developer's guide? (There's also a copy on your machine, at the same partial URL.)

I would like to add a tutorial to the section, covering the existing topics and some new ones in a much briefer, more howto-oriented way. Here's my list:

  • How to use the APM to start a new package
  • How to write documentation, including self-documenting code
  • How to set up the database tables and procedures for your new package, including:
    • How to create automated install/uninstall/upgrade scripts
    • How and when and why to use acs_objects
    • How to use stored procedures for __new, __delete, and __name stored procedures
    • How to use the content management tables
  • How to make your package searchable with OpenFTS/Oracle
  • How to make your package send email notifications
  • How to use tcl/adp pairs to present pages, including
    • How to use ad_page_contract
    • How to use the template system
    • How to prepare pagelets for inclusion in other pages
  • How and when to put procedures in a tcl procedure library
  • How to add general_comments to your pages
  • How to use a single ad_form to make a page that shows insert/edit forms, validates data, and does the database work. (plan to draw from Jon Griffin's doc)
  • How to add automated regression testing to your packages
  • How and when to implement caching
  • How to isolate database code for portability
  • How to use the html/text entry widget to get the "does this look right" confirm page

All of these should be in the context of one fairly simple package like the notes thing. Anyone who would like to tackle a section, or just send me notes to save me some time, or has more stuff they want to see on the list, please email.