Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: ACS 4.x context navigation defaults -- why?

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
Ahhhh, great. So I'm NOT crazy :-P  I thought I was losing it. Anyway, on that thread above, lars said that all that was needed was to delete three lines from ad_context_bar and to add one to the default master. Since I and others are n00bs, it could be nice to post the solution to the issue here in the forums in the mean time. I got rid of the Your Workspace link by removing these three lines from /navigation-procs.tcl (and then restarting the server)

if {[ad_conn user_id] != 0 && ![string match /pvt/home* [ad_conn url]]} {
        lappend context [list "[ad_pvt_home]" "[ad_pvt_home_name]"]

Now I'm wondering what Lars added to the default master. Perhaps he was just talking about adding the "my account" link to that file -- but I'm wondering if I'm going to find any issues because I removed those lines from ad_context without adding something special to default master...

In any case, thanks for the pointer!

Posted by Jeff Davis on
taking them out should not impact anything other than the context bar stuff. Lars added something like the link we have in the aD persistent nav (i.e Logged In as NAME where NAME links to your workspace). The problem with simply taking it out of the context bar without adding it to sitewide master is that then there is no link you your workspace.