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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
"delete_proc" and "rename_proc" sound really ugly. Someone can probably come up with something better. How about "rm" and "mv"? Not ideal, but better, I think.

There are some threads here somewhere about the supported Oracle versions stuff in the code, but I don't remember what the solution was, other than don't ever change it from the current "8.1.6" for now. (I think...)

I suspect renaming functions isn't a problem in Oracle as long as you include an upgrade script. (And of course, change all the occurrences in the sources.) I'm not as sure about Postgres, but that should be doable too once everyone's using a version (7.2.x?) that supports "create and replace".

If you put all the functions, procedures, and packages into their own files where they belong (not in the same foo-create.sql files as the table definitions), then the upgrade scripts become pretty simple - just re-source this or that file of PL/SQL code into the database, etc. In fact, IMNSHO that's the only sane way to do upgrade scripts for PL/SQL code living inside the database.

The Oracle driver is in the AOLserver SourceForge CVS now, and Jeff Davis has been maintaining it there of late.