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Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Malte, the nsd.tcl (or whatever you happen to name it) AOLserver config file for a particular site should be in your site's CVS! I usually put mine in either "/web/mysite/nsd.tcl" or "/web/mysite/nsd/config.tcl". This also makes sharing the same config file between Dev, Staging, and Production servers particularly effective.

Some AOLserver modules (at least some versions of nsopenssl, I think) seem to insist on having a "servers/mysite/modules/" directory beneath the AOLserver install directory, but I never keep anything in there at all.

Your AOLserver nsd.tcl config file is integral to the functioning of your OpenACS site, and isn't needed by anything else, so I never understood why people often put it in some other entirely different place (e.g., somewhere in the AOLserver install directory), often not even under version control at all.