Forum OpenACS Development: apm picks incorrect -create.sql files?


I am trying to install from the head and found two properties of the apm that might not be what we want. The fourms and new-portal package don't install correctly.

For the forums package, the two files chosen as "create" type sql files are forums-create.sql and forums-forums-create.sql. The regexp in 30-apm-load-procs.tcl seems to return both the above names and apm auto picks both the files. But in this case forums-create.sql calls forums-forums-create.sql and then when forums-forums-create.sql is called a second time ... things break!

For new-portal package the create file is named portal-create.sql and it is not called at all during install since the name does not confirm to $package_key-create.sql requirement! So, new-portal is installed without sourcing the datamodel.

I fixed these temporarily for my install, but can someone look at the apm, please.