Forum .LRN Q&A: New (free) SCORM compliance testing tool

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The SCORM folks might be interested in this:

Posted by Brandon Blackmoor on
Unfortunately, the SCORM Detective tool itself is not standards-compliant. Rather than adhering to web standards (HTML 4, XHTML1, CSS2, DOM, etc.), it requires a product called Flash: a non-standard, proprietary, bug-ridden browser plug-in, which most sensible web users either refuse to install or immediately remove once they realize that its most common use is for obnoxious pop-up advertisements.

In principle, I applaud Saba for making their tool available to the SCORM community, but thumbs down for using Flash. Just say "no" to Flash.

Posted by Michele Slocovich on
seems not anymore available from (where you still can find a powerpoint demo )

i had to go to developers' site to download it