Forum OpenACS Development: Re: 4.6.x Documentation; Documentation formatting

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
The latest evolution of the formatting is visibile here This section is complete, and shows the following:
  • All of the button and label markup is gone except for courier font
  • shaded background is used in blocks to indicate shells and program listings
  • The body font is a surprise. I've actually left it sans-serif through all versions but it's coming out serif anyway. Feedback welcome as I sort through browser settings, site-wide stylesheets, etc, to understand this phenomenon.
  • Bold is used only for text that you enter into the computer, and in headings which are also in a larger font.
  • I've left the "replaceable" text red, because it's also italic and a bit bigger than surrounding text, so it doesn't just rely on color. It's the only italic used.
  • Shell commands are duplicated to make cut-paste easier.