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Posted by Lars Pind on
I forgot to mention the new workflow package, which was just released.

While the new workflow package only supports Finite State Machines, it's designed with the ability to add new semantics, such as petri nets, or something else entirely.

What's your use case? The ability to require that some action be performed by a number of people, one after the other, before we can move on to a new state?

In that case, that might be something worth grafting on to workflow itself, regardless of whether it's FSM or Petri Nets.

In any case, acs-workflow is effectively a discontinued package, so I'd recommend that you look into 'workflow' instead.


5: Re: petri net question (response to 4)
Posted by Max Pakhutkin on
Thanks, I didn't know that. I'll check it out.

The use case is that I'm developing a system that could accomodate any workflow (based on Petri Nets) and some workflows may require that a number of users perform an action before the state changes (i.e. a request cannot be considered approved until all approvers sign off on it). The number of approves will be dynamic, which means I can't simply hardcode N transitions into the workflow where each of the N transitions is an approve transition assigned to just one user.