Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: OACS Homepage Template/ETP Implementation

Posted by Randy Ferrer on

Ola - Thank you so much for your assistance. I got it all working now. 😊) I had everything set-up except for this bit - "We associated this "homepage-new" etp application with the etp package instance via etp's "Change ETP Application" UI." After setting this, everything clicked. I new it was something obvious that I was overlooking - a bit embarrassing really. I had gotten as far as writing a homepage-index.adp and .tcl pages, setting up etp, changed the master template etc. - everything you describe, but no joy.

Now, as far as your pedagogical skills - as far as I'm concerned, they are excellent. 😊) I had found bits and pieces in the forums but no clear explanations of how oacs was set-up. I had browsed the code and modeled my templates after it etc. but still had missing details. Now anyone who is interested in how is set-up, has a concise reference. Thanks again for the assist and your time in writing this up.