Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Current AOLserver, nspostgres, etc. versions

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
Welcome back!  I think the safest way to do the installation is still to follow the directions at with the 3.3+AD13+OACS1 distribution at

The AOLserver Core Team and the community have been merging the Arsdigita and OpenACS enhancements into AOLserver 4.0, and we're almost done.  It is possible to install OpenACS on 4.0b2 with the modules on SourceForge.  (There are a few i18n features that are missing in b2 but that will be in AOLserver b3.)

Comparing the OpenACS and SourceForge modules, I think:
- nssha1 is the same
- nspostgres on SF is newer and has minor improvements
- nsoracle on SF is newer and has minor improvements
- nscache on SF is newer and has minor improvements
- nsxml on SF is newer and has major improvements

Posted by Mat Kovach on
There server distribution never had modules upgraded because quite frankly until now I didn't know those modules had been updated (I knew about nspostgres but demand to upgrade wasn't there).

I can upgade the modules today.

With AOLserver 4.0b3 coming out I think it would be best move towards OpenACS using a standard AOLserver distribution and then we'll package AOLserver/OpenACS binary distributions.